Friday, 10 June 2011

Superdrug takes on Boots!

When you next go into your local Superdrug you may be offered something called a "beauty card". I went in there today to buy some new concealer and the Barry M nail effects in black. When the lady at the counter asked if I was interested I asked if it was the same as a Boots advantage card and she said it was similar but Superdrugs is alot better.
I read over the leaflet when I got home to see what they were going to offer me as a customer and I was quite amazed.
Boots Advantage Card offers you 4 points for every £1 you spend, and 100 points on your card is equvalent to £1. So you would have to spend £25 to earn £1 back. 
Superdrug Beauty Card offers you 1 point for every £1 you spend, meaning you would have to spend £100 to earn back your £1.

Now I'm no mathematician but it is quite clear to me which one I would rather go for.

The only reason in which I can see Superdrug says their Beauty Card is better is because when you spend your points, which have to be spent in multiples of 100, you also earn them back. So if you spend 200 points on your card which is £2, then you would get 2 points back... I'll try and put this as simple as possible as I have struggled with this myself. To gain 200 points you would have to spend £200 in the shop first, then if you used them 200 points to buy something, you would gain 2p of that £200 back. The lady behind the counter initially told me that it was better because it had a mirror on it.

Its soooooo confusing I know.
The lady initially told me it was better because it had a mirror on it... I think she needs to work on her sales pitch!
Whoever came up with this idea thinking that it was going to rival the boots advantage card was seriously mistaken. Maybe boots doesnt offer a system to gain your points back, but I would much rather earn more points immediately as it wouldn't take as long to be able to use the points in store.

Obviously there is no reason to not use the card as it doesnt cost you anything to use it, but my advice would be if you had both a Boots and Superdrug card then go and buy your products from Boots, alot more value for your money!!!

Start earning your points now! (because if you dont start straight away then you will still be trying to build them up well into your elderly years!)


  1. I have this card! No points on it yet though :)

  2. No me neither! God knows how long it will take to get a decent enough amount of money on it to be able to buy something! Do you have a boots card? x

  3. Wow that's a bit crazy only 1 point for every pound spent:O:O

    I never usually use Superdrug there is one in Dublin but ages away from where I live:(


  4. Yeah I know, I mean obviously at least youre getting something back but it seems pretty pointless!
    Thankyou for checking out my blog by the way :)

  5. Just come across your blog - great blog by the way, laughed so much at this post - I can't believe she told you it was better because it has a mirror on it.......... That is hilarious!

    Boots are great for points...........but then I suppose they are a bigger company who knows. Advantage Card all the way........! x