Friday, 12 August 2011

GOSH Instant Fake Tan

Hey girlies!


On my quest to try out every fake tan there is I stumbled upon this 'GOSH' instant tan gel. I'm not sure how new it is but I first seen it a couple of weeks ago.

At a retail price of £7.66, it does fall into the average price for fake tan bracket.

I thought I would try the medium shade first as I like to be quite tanned. It comes in a 150ml bottle with a pump that also has the lock device on it when you twist it a certain way, which I always love.

This does deserve a whole paragraph to itself. I have never came across any fake tan that smells how this does. It smells of aftershave. I seriously urge you lot to go into your local superdrug store just to smell it. It will baffle you as it did me, I wasn't sure how I felt about fake tan having an actual nice scent about it, but its not too over whelming, they got it just right.

Three very small dots is all you need, a little bit really does go a long way.

I should have done the whole arm really, but it was my sisters arm and she hates fake tan so wouldn't let me!
She said that she preferred her own natural skin tone, but i disagree. I love the way it just brings out her natural colour a little bit more and gives her arms a healthy looking glow.

The instructions on the bottle advise you to wait half an hour before putting clothes on or doing anything that will make you sweat etc.

When I went out on Saturday I took the very brave step of just using this instant tan, I didn't have any other fake tan on, and I am very pale with freckles everywhere. I even used it on my face, but when using it on my face I tend to rub it afterwards with a dry towel before applying foundation, just to get rid of any excess bits that may make your face look patchy and dirty.

I was very very pleased with the overall colour and the actual application itself didn't seem to take any longer than usual, and I had to do it all over my back on my own and it worked really well.

Hope you find this useful, although wash off fake tans are pretty useless in this weather, but, for last minute nights out, its very handy indeed!

Hannah x <3 x


  1. Ooh proper fake tan scares me a little (hello being stupidly pale haha), so this seems like a good alternative. I tried a Rimmel one a while back, but it was far too shimmery for my liking. It looks lovely on you- I love your dress x

  2. Stuning dress :)

  3. Great post never even knew this existed and im a tan-a-holic !! thanks for sharing :) xx

  4. Ohh! Another new tan for me to try!


  5. Gorgeous! Thanks for your comment btw! ;)

  6. That dress looks amazing on you! And your hair is gorgeous! Love the look!

  7. Totally loving the cutout outfit, you look chic!


  8. Thank you for your comments :)

    Have any of you tried it yet?

  9. Oh you look so pretty!!!**

  10. I use fake tan for my face sometimes in the winter but it's from L'oreal and it leaves orange spots. Even when I smudge it very well so I look like a fool with those spots haha

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