Thursday, 30 June 2011

Makeup Haul!

Today I met up with my lovely sister who is my dads other daughter. We had tea at Pizza Hut (which always seem to have soggy pizza) followed by the most amazing dessert in the world, 'Cookie Dough Dessert'. I needed some new foundation, and as I never seem happy with MAC foundation or anything I buy in Boots or Superdrug. I decided to invest in a more expensive foundation that would last me a while and I would be happy with the results. I had a budget in mind of around £25, but didnt want a MAC foundation...... However.... due to my uncontrollable addiction I ended up buying 3 different foundations:

Rimmel- Renew & Lift (100 Ivory)
Estee Lauder-'Double Wear' (1N1 ECRU 16)
Clinique- Blended Face Powder and Brush (20 Invisible Blend)
Clinique- 'Supermoisture' Foundation (02 Linen)

This is on my sisters hand who is alot more tanned than me as I am very fair, as you can see I tend to go for a more pink based foundation with the slightest hint of yellow, I've found that if I go too yellow it almost makes me look sick.

I also decided to try out a clinique loose face powder for the first time just to see what results it gives to my skin.

The problems I find I have with foundations is that my skin tends to look almost scaly on my forehead and around my mouth as the day goes on, and the only thing that stops it is wearing primer underneath. Obviously that is one of the main purposes of Primer, but I always thought it would be nice to find a foundation that did a primers job aswell as being used for coverage. 

As I only bought them today I obviously can't give you a review just yet, but I did some swatches on my sisters hand and the texture and consistency of the double wear foundation felt incredible, even with just a tiny bit on my finger.


  1. Great haul! I look forward to seeing reviews etc :)

  2. I'll more than likely do a review tomorrow because i cannot wait to try it out! xx

  3. nice! waiting for a review on the clinique supermoisture foundation!

    Evil Nelly