Thursday, 23 June 2011

Black Swan

This is the second, maybe third most time consuming makeup look I have ever done. I will post the first one in a couple of days :) 

After seeing Black Swan I was just swamped with ideas of things to do and could not wait to try them out! If you have never seen Black Swan then you MUST go and see it. Such an amazing film with a beautiful story.

None of this has been edited, I was sat in a dark room with the light off my blackberry and used my Ipod to take this picture, hense the less than perfect quality.

Im trying to keep this post as short as possible but I have since been asked to do a tutorial on this as it was the first time I ever attempted it and I havent tried it again since. I have never done a tutorial before, I did try once but I just felt so embarassed and self conscious,i applaud anyone who has the guts to do one! If you would like me to do a tutorial then just leave a comment below :)

Thanks lovelies!

Products Used-

Mac Liquid Last Eyeliner (Big mistake when it came to being washed off!)
Mac Foundation (not sure on the shade but it was extremely light)
A cheap green makeup pallet from Superdrug.
And a maybelline lipstick.

Sorry I couldnt be more specific but I did this a while ago now :)


  1. Ah! I love doing black swan makeup! Yours looks fantastic, especially the shape on the eyes, it's dead-on natalie portman :) Love all of your creative looks

  2. You really ended up looking like Natalie. I thought the poto was the one you wanted to recreate. just realized that its you yourself!!!

  3. So lovely,
    it's look really real <3

  4. Wow! This seriously means alot to me!
    I love that you like it girls!

  5. Love this look! I think it's spot on!:)

  6. wow this looks so good! and I really like the lighting


  7. you are one of the most talented make up artists i have seen! i loved your mickey mouse look and the gaga for gaga post..


  8. I awarded you best blog! Check out the post!

  9. Love it. i'm trying to promote my new log so please check it out and follow. thanks xmwahx

  10. This is just gorgeous!!! I only hope to be as great as you are one day!! I'm thinking of posting looks on my blog but because i'm only a newbie i feel a little to embarrassed :(