Saturday, 2 July 2011

MAC Technique Classes

At MAC they offer technique classes in makeup, helping you to perfect what you may already know and maybe show you an easier and better way of doing your makeup.

The classes cost £50 and are on for 2 and a half hours. The one I was on today was from 2-4.30pm and they had a morning one too. The £50 includes the cost of the class, and also, after it has finished you get that £50 to spend in store.

Before the class started we were matched with the right foundation mine was NW15 that they gave us in a tiny little tester bottle. 

We went into a seperate room with round tables set out with a load of MAC products in the middle and each person had their own vanity tray with mirror, brushes, cotton buds and other makeup tools in front of them.

 They started off with a natural makeup look, applying the foundation with a foundation brush. Now, I dont know if its just my skin but I really don't like MAC foundations, it doesnt feel like I'm getting any coverage and I find them too yellowy/green, and no matter what moisturiser I use, the makeup just sinks into my pores and looks really odd. 

If I was to be honest I would say that I wouldn't attend this class or any others like it I don't feel as though they really helped much at all, especially when it came to lipsticks as they didnt really direct people about which colour lipsticks to go for. They also did a dramatic lip colour, followed by a nude, which didn't work as most peoples lips were stained from the lip liner and lipstick.

We completed the day by doing a smoky eye look using browns, and I was not impressed with it at all, they encouraged me to use bright pink lipstick as I said im not really a lipstick wearer, god knows why they thought it would be a good idea mixing bright pink lipstick with brown smokey eyes on my very pale skin!

Thats why I won't even post the finished look as it's a complete waste of time.


I did spend my £50 plus and extra £12.50...
MAC Blusher - Pink Swoon
Gel Fluidline Eyeliner- Blacktrack
MAC Brushes- 217 & 266

We used the fluidline with the 266 brush and it made such a difference, definitely cant wait to have a more defined and strong look to my eyeliner.

If you are thinking about being involved with these classes then go to your local MAC store and just ask about their technique classes and they will take your name and number, they also have different types of classes, I heard they were doing a bridal one at the beginning of september :)



  1. That little bottle is so cute!

  2. nice brushes! :)
    you can find me at
    see you there!

  3. i have always wondered about those classes and didnt fancy paying to have some one teach me one or two things, but the fact that i get those tips and use the money in store is a very good thing in deed. i might get it for my sister's 19th birthday

    too bad yours didnt go so well :/ atleast you got a brilliant eyeliner brush

  4. sounds like an interesting experience. they don't have these classes where I am from, shame. love the post :)