Monday, 18 July 2011

What's in my bag...

I seriously love seeing what people have in their bags, I don't know why, and when i see their makeup bags I'm wondering what's in the too.

My Bag- The story behind this bag is that some guy who I used to date bought me a pair of Armani Jeans, they didnt fit properly, so instead of getting a smaller size I just decided to get this bag from there instead.

It has two compartments on the side which have zips, and two of the front with those magnetic clip things. It looks like its collapsed on one side.

This is what was in it today:

Red Makeup Bag which came free with Christina Agulieras perfume.
A clip in cat ear from halloween, I must have shoved it in here and its just got lost in the corners with loose change.
A large hair grip which came with the GHD straighteners.
Black necklace
Razor (must have been there from when i've stayed out somewhere)
Glamour magazine
Every human being necessity, Ipod, with working headphones!
A brush glitter stick thing from La Senza.
Fuji Digi Cam.
Sunglasses (not that i need them right now)
A Pink Barbie comb, I have had this comb for soooooo many years but i love it and cant let go.
Britney Spears Fantasy Perfume
Bottle of Tango
And my purse, which is from miss selfridge.

Let me know if you have or are thinking of doing a 'whats in my bag' <3

Hannah xxxxxx


  1. i love these posts too! wow, you have so much in your bag! i am impressed you can fit that all! love the bag, and funny story! :)

  2. Your bag is so cute! Love posts/vids like these too :)

  3. I might do a video tutorial of whats in my makeup bag :)

  4. [Reply] Aww thank you sooo much for such a lovely comment on my blog hun! Thanks:)

    Oooh yess, I LOVE "whats in my bag"!! I've been thinking of doing a post like this for ages, dont know why i havent done it yet tho hehe.. but i sure do it now :):)

  5. mmmmmmm, i love tango and the perfume! you have GREAT taste. and a wonderful blog! i'd love for you to check mine out and give a few of your opinions on it! :)

    follow me?

  6. I like those "whats in my bag" posts. They are interesting. I´ve been thinking about doing such post, but just haven´t had time for that, yet.