Thursday, 14 July 2011

Benefit Babe!

I bought the Benefit Lemon Aid eye primer a few months ago off ebay for £3.50. I never seem to have came across it at the counter, but because I love the products they sell for the eye area I would give it a go. I thought I had bought the bargain of the century, but when I recieved it I was very unsatisfied to the point where I just do not use this product, and had to buy another eye primer. However, during a recent shopping trip I seen it on the counter, and it was only as I was going to show a friend how bad it was that I noticed it was nothing like the one I had bought. The one I had purchased had a very oily greasy consistency, and just felt like it took ages to dry, unlike the one at the counter which was very soft, no oilyness or greasyness about it, infact, I was tempted to buy it as it was completely ideal for the type of thing I was looking for. My ebay purchase was all in the exact same packaging, everything about it was the same, but even just looking at the two products together, the difference in them was so obvious.

So, a slight warning when it comes to purchasing ridiculousy cheap high end makeup brand items on ebay, they may not be as high quality as what they should be, I'm not sure whether they will be fakes but still.

As weird as it sounds I felt really guilty, guilty that I had wrongly slated a product that someone may have originally thought about purchasing. Infact, I took to my facebook to attack this product advising people not to waste their money on this as it retails at £16.50. But now I do completely take it all back! I would definitely recommend this product as it didn't have any excess moisture and it also has a compact mirror.

The benefit products I own I am very pleased with. I swear by Benefit High Beam, I have been getting it for a number of years and I use it with my everyday makeup as well as of a night time, for evening makeup I tend to use a lot more on my brow bone area just because when it catches the light, it gives of such a beautiful shine that makes your whole face look glowing and your skin looks perfect! It photographs extremeley well.

Benefit High Beam Sample Size (bought from ebay).
Benefit High Beam Regular 13ml sized bottle - I put this on my cheek bones after my foundation and bronzer/powder. For my own preference I do not use it on the apples of my cheeks. When using it on my brow bone I prefer to do it before using my eyebrow pencil/shadow as sometimes it can be smudged.
Ooh La Lift- Instant Under-eye Brightening Boost (how its described on bottle) - As stated it is designed for under the eyes and gives a really understated shimmery glow look that catches the light beautifully. It is very transparent and doesnt look like you are wearing anything, but you can still see a difference with regards to before and after use.
Thrrrob Blusher- It tells you to brush across your cheekbones, forehead and chin to get the "turned on flush you've been looking for". It is a very very pale pink which I think works perfectly on all skin tones, you get a really pretty shimmery effect, as with most benefit products.
High Brow- This is another product I swear by and again, I use it in my everyday makeup routine but use it in different ways when it comes to evening and daytime looks. I am wearing it on my leopard print makeup look just underneath the eyebrow area, it creates that really bright brow bone effect that works amazing with a smokey eye look, HIGHLY RECOMMEND THIS PRODUCT!
Eye Bright- Again, highly recommendable! I use it in the very corners of my eyes by your tear ducts, and it gives an under stated look where it doesn't really look like you have anything there, but you can tell the difference between when you're wearing it and when you're not. Sometimes I take it from the corners and sweep it just a little bit underneath my lash line especially if i have used eyeline on half my lash line for a night time look.

I thought I would do a seperate section for the lip gloss as I have ALOT to say about it!

Benefit lip glosses- Since using their lip glosses I have never used anything else, I cannot find fault with anything. I love the short brush applicator, I love the mixture of the blue and green shimmers that just make it POP, and I absolutely love the lip gloss bottle itself. A few of you may remember, I said how disappointed I was with the Urban Decay lip gloss, as it had a really striking lid yet, was in a squeezy tube bottle and I felt like it somehow cheapened it. It seems Benefit have take every aspect on board and have created a product that looks and is, very stylish!


  1. I really want to try high beam!

  2. I strongly suggest you buy it. It really is amazing, I've never heard a bad review about it, and it does last for ages, ive used 3 bottles in about 3 years, and I use it everyday. Worth the expense :). I always feel like my skin looks rough without it and like im half naked, its almost like doing your eyeshadow and not wearing any mascara! x

  3. I have just recently started using Benefit products and I have to say I just love the brand! So cool!

  4. When ever I by brands off ebay I always say if it looks to good to be true it most likely is.......m.a.c is bad for fakes on ebay aswell - particularly brushes it's such a shame people sell fakes I mean you never know what ingredients are in them either!!!

    On the other hand I do love benefit high beam, moon beam, bad gal liner and all the blushes/face powders they bring out eve though the brand is in my opinion rather over priced! :)

  5. I really couldnt agree more with you Catanya xx

    I think MAC definitely has the most immitations on ebay. They sell the 32 colour pallets under the name MAC, even though MAC dont do them, same with the 32 piece brush sets.

    I have heard so many good things about the bad gal liner!